Marvellous walks in the foothills of the Alpe Apuane
Skiing at Abetone, 1 hours drive away
45 minutes to the Mediterranean coast

Catureglio is a focal point on the network of ancient footpaths - 'strada vicinale', 'neighbourhood roads' - which for centuries were the only way of traversing the hills between hamlets and town, on foot with mules carrying loads, until the arrival of the 'tarmac road' in the 1960's.

They are still kept clear and used in the cultivation of the hill-sides and are the best way to experience the countryside and gain an understanding of a way of life unchanged for centuries.

For those wanting more of a challenge, the many magnificent ranges of the Alpe Apuane, with their walking routes clearly demarked by the Club Alpino Italiano [CAI], are in reach, by car, for a morning or day out.

There is a wide range of skiing areas open throughout the winter at Abetone, which is an hours drive away.

A day out at the sea on the  Versillian coast, either under traditional Italian umbrellas at Viareggio or  Forte di Marmi or on the broad Pisan beach of Marina di  Vecchiana



Marina di vecchiano